Who We Are

THIS FEBRUARY! What kind of community do you want? Engage with your neighbors and your library in a Harwood Community Conversation! More.

Engagement. Learning. Stewardship.

These strategic initiatives come directly from Community Conversations with you, the Oak Park community, and the people who work with you every day, our library staff. They reflect shared values including collaboration, compassion, knowledge, opportunity, accountability, sustainability and transparency, which inform and guide our transformative work. Our commitment to engagement, learning and stewardship means we are listening, learning and growing with our community by:

  • Building community partnerships, especially with other agencies serving Oak Park.
  • Renewing our own commitment to learning for better library experiences.
  • Preserving community history and improving access to it.
  • Acting upon the community’s demand for financial and environmental responsibility.

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Library News

This February, the library will host 14 unique opportunities in the Main Library Idea Box to gather Oak Park's insights and answers to the question: what kind of community do you want? Please join us in the Main Library Idea Box to engage with your neighbors in a Harwood Community Conversation, led by formally trained library staff. More >
Civil War 150 is a lively series this February and March of films, author events, dramatic interpretations, and more that will mark the 150th anniversary of the end of America’s Civil War. The series was made possible through a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, in partnership with the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History and the Library of America. It is a collaboration between the library and the Historical Society of Oak Park and River Forest. More >
Join us at your library for fun, educational programs, seminars, classes, and more this February and March. More >

Meet the Board

Open to the public, meetings of the Board of Library Trustees are typically held at 7:30 pm on the third Tuesday of each month. 

Library History

Founded as a public library in 1903, Oak Park Public Library recently celebrated 10 years in the current Main Library building and 110 years as a public library.


Working Here

We are engagers: turning and focusing outward toward our community. We are learners: listening to what our community tells us and acting purposefully to achieve our objectives. We are stewards: defending our shared values, using vital resources responsibly, and working collaboratively with our partners to prepare for the future.

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