2013 Budget Summary

  • The Board of Trustees approved the library’s 2013 budget in November. Learn more about increased library use, reflected in our 5-Star Rating, and the board’s roles and responsibilities.
  • Here, you can learn more about how library use has changed since the October 2003 opening of the new Main Library building, what’s ahead in 2013 and how Oak Park property taxpayers contribute.
  • You can review the complete, line-item 2013 budget and download this 2013 budget summary as a PDF.

What’s the financial bottom line for you, the taxpayer?

The 2013 budget of $7.9 million is supported by property taxes, grants, interest and trust fund income, and fines, fees and fundraising. The 2013 budget is a 4.9 percent increase over 2012. The library’s share of 2013 Oak Park property tax increases 3.49 percent, for an additional $219,474, an average increase of $10.02 per household.

10 Years at the Main Library: more than 5 Million Served

Our numbers tell the story:

Capital Projects: $644,500

(one-time costs financed by savings)

Lots of visits, lots of use, and lots of success means lots of wear and tear on our Main Library building. The community made a major investment in library facilities a decade ago, and we have been very focused on good stewardship of these investments over the last 10 years. In 2013, we will make major investments in physical infrastructure, to meet our customers’ changing needs and to ensure facilities continue to effectively serve the community in the years to come. For example, we will reconfigure the Main Library lobby for more efficient use of space, and add updated checkout stations. We will re-arrange the Main Library's teen area for better use of space and a welcoming atmosphere.  We will purchase new art gallery furnishings to display a wider range of styles and formats. At both branches, we will add seating to keep pace with increased use. We will also refresh the children's area at Maze for a more comfortable, family-friendly space to read and relax. We have been planning for these investments and changes by growing our savings to pay for capital projects.

Operating Expenses

Personnel: $5,196,950

As a public service organization, most of the budget is invested in the people who deliver these services. In 2013, we will add a librarian in our Children’s Department to offer more dedicated services for tweens. A new part-time librarian will work to make online research on our website easier. We will also add a part-time librarian at the Maze Branch Library to offer more programs for children. We will have more staff in the Main Library lobby to assist you with checkout and to answer your questions.

Materials: $876,000

Our collections continue to be our most popular offering, with a recent survey confirming “a balanced collection” is top priority for the community. Since 2003, use of our collections has increased by 50 percent. In 2013, we’ve included funds for more print books, more ebooks, and more mobile devices like ereaders to keep pace with the growing demand. We will also add a popular magazine collection in the Main Library lobby for increased selection and convenience.

Facilities Management: $508,100

With more than 5 million visits in the last decade, we have remained committed to maintaining and improving all aspects of our facilities. The community continues to benefit from many environmentally friendly features of the Main Library building, including a green roof that reduces run-off into the storm sewer system and contributes to better air quality in the neighborhood. Installation of LED lighting this year in our Main Library parking garage is another green choice that’s saving money and helping the environment. In 2013, our operating budget reflects cost increases for security services, water, sewage and garbage along with equipment repairs to keep our buildings in working order.

Information Technology: $216,500

Technology has brought more people into the library, not fewer. In 2013, we will buy more laptops for use in technology classes so that every student can have a hands-on experience. We will add wireless printing to our branch locations so customers can print from laptops or smartphones. We will continue our annual, rolling computer replacement schedule in order to provide up-to-date computers for the public. Our annual membership to SWAN, a consortium of 80 area libraries, gives you access to more than 1 million titles. We will also use these funds to maintain critical systems such as our computer reservation system and materials handling system.

Events & Virtual Services: $102,500

In the last decade, the library saw 1.7 million website visitors and more than 262,000 seniors, adults, teens and  kids at library events. Since its launch in 2010, close to 5,000 people have downloaded the library’s custom app, giving them mobile access to their accounts and more. In 2013, we will offer a single library-wide summer reading program that will engage community members of all ages in reading for enjoyment and learning during the summer. We will continue to engage you in Idea Box installations that spark your curiosity and imagination. To keep pace with customer demand, we will continue to add more branch library events, new programs for tweens and storytimes supporting early literacy.

Supplies, Marketing, Insurance, etc.: $400,200

Making great use of social media, email and the Internet, we communicate what’s going on at all our locations using direct, cost-efficient methods. We partner with the Village of Oak Park to distribute a printed monthly newsletter, and also with area organizations and businesses to promote our programs.

Total Expenses  $7,300,250


Fines, Fees, Grants, Gifts, Interest: $425,00; Property Taxes: $6,852,171; Miscellaneous: $23,500

Fees and Fines: To maximize customer use, fines and fees are kept low.
Property Taxes: About 94 percent of library revenue comes from Oak Park property taxes.

Total Revenue  $7,300,671

For more information

Contact Oak Park Public Library Executive Director David Seleb at dseleb@oppl.org or (708-697-6911).