Beye Elementary School fifth graders Jane Walker (left) and Anna Miller (right), winners of the May 3 Reading Olympics Extreme competitionA team of two fifth graders from Beye Elementary School has won the Reading Olympics Extreme competition, held May 3 at the Oak Park Public Library.

Champions Jane Walker and Anna Miller said their winning strategy was projecting confidence by repeating, "We're going to win this!"

About the Reading Olympics

Now in its 18th year, Reading Olympics is a partner program with Oak Park Elementary School District 97, River Forest School District 90, the Oak Park Public Library, and the River Forest Public Library, as well as several private schools.

"We participate to help support a love of reading in our communities and are enjoying playing host as kids from across Oak Park and River Forest get a chance to meet others with similar interests," said Genevieve Grove, Elementary School Services Librarian at the Oak Park Public Library. "When they reach middle school next year, they may see some familiar faces in their classes!"

How it works

The competitions challenge fifth-grade teams to answer questions about books from the Reading Olympics reading list.

Walker said she participates because she loves to read, and both she and Miller named Ungifted as among their favorite books. 

The 2017 reading list

School teams are usually formed with three students on each and meet three times a year for competition. The first two competitions cover nine books apiece, and the third and final competition covers all 18 books.

Of 21 questions in this final competition, Walker and Miller answered only four incorrectly. One of those was "Which book had a green chair in it?" (Their answer: The Fourteenth Goldfish. Correct answer: Rump.)

As they had the best score at this final competition, their names and the name of their school will be engraved on a plaque to be hung at the Oak Park Public Library.

Beye Elementary will house the torch until next year.