The System Wide Automated Network (SWAN) Board recently elected David J. Seleb, Executive Director of the Oak Park Public Library, to serve as a representative for the Chicago area’s largest multi-type library consortium of 77 public, special, and academic libraries.

Seleb will begin his three-year board term on July 1, two months after his one-year anniversary in Oak Park.

“I look forward to joining SWAN’s leadership, “said Seleb, adding that SWAN’s shared resources and reach have financial and convenience benefits – for library users in Oak Park, as well as users throughout Illinois.

As one of seven library directors elected from member libraries, Seleb will provide governance to the more than 40-year-old membership organization designed for libraries to house their collections and data in a shared, collaborative environment. He assumes the seat of former board member Anne Kozak, Director of the Thomas Ford Memorial Library in Western Springs.

Aaron Skog, SWAN executive director, said “SWAN is adopting a new set of tools for our libraries to serve their communities better, such as tablets to make library staff more mobile and e-books that are easier for library patrons to use. These are just a few of the ways that we are growing and improving the organization.”

Oak Park has been a member of SWAN since 2010. Additional near-west suburban members include public libraries in Berwyn, Forest Park, and River Forest.

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About SWAN
By allowing libraries in Illinois access to each other's collections in a unified database of catalog items and patron information, the SWAN model of sharing technology, data information, and collaboration allows its member libraries to provide the easiest way for patrons to get access to materials. Learn more about SWAN.