Check out what's new at your library

Work on the Main Library Lobby began in summer 2013 as part of the library’s strategic plan to meet the community’s evolving needs and ensure library spaces best serve everyone. Phase 1 was done in late summer and delivered results you could see. Physical space improvements included the creation of an adaptable multipurpose area for special events and unique displays, new energy efficient lighting and new security gates. Reconfiguration work is now complete, bringing library visitors multiple benefits.

More personalized service, where and when you need us

The reconfiguration moves the same library staff members you know and love out from behind desks and onto the lobby floor with you. That means we are more available to deliver personalized service where and when you need us. Whether it’s answering your questions, helping you find what you’re looking for, or sharing more about what the library has to offer you on that particular day, we're here to help.

New checkout stations give you more choice

A total of 17 advanced, easy-to-use checkout stations have replaced outdated, out-of-service equipment at all library locations, giving you more choice for a better checkout experience.

  • Want to do more on your own? Now you can. Kiosk stations enable you to quickly and easily borrow materials, as well as log into your account to renew items, pay fines and (later this month) email yourself receipts.
  • Prefer to have us take care of things for you? We can do that. Lobby countertop stations convert into staff stations to ensure we can quickly and conveniently take care of all your checkout needs.

More about the new checkout stations at all locations

  • At the Main Library: eight lobby checkout stations are in the Main Lobby. Of those, the four kiosk stations offer a fast and secure way to pay fines with cash and credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express) payments. Two countertop stations are in the first floor Children’s Department and the second floor Adult & Teen Services Department. One countertop station is on the third floor.
  • At each of the branch libraries: one countertop and one kiosk station are available, each with the same easy-to-use expanded capabilities.

To learn more about using our new checkout stations, ask us at any time. We are happy to walk you through the process and to answer all questions. Have a question now? Get in touch.

Special thanks to Bibliotheca, Nagle Hartray Architecture and Bulley & Andrews, who all played pivotal roles in the process. Team leads from Nagle Hartray and Bulley & Andrews are Oak Park residents.