Our top 10 countdown for summer reading fun

Dive into summer reading

Here's our top 10 countdown of the best family-focused ideas to get everyone on board for summer reading:

10. Read together as a family every day.

9. Find a book for yourself and take a relaxing reading break. You’re not being lazy—you are educating your kids about the value of reading.

8. Stock up on lots of magazines and comics—some kid favorites include Garfield, American Girl, Sports Illustrated for Kids, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

7. Let your kids choose their own books. Summer is the time for fun and light reading—comics, joke books, and books about topics that interest kids such as sports, dinosaurs, dolphins, gross stuff , and magical creatures. Ask us for recommended books by grade level.

6. Discover a new hobby together and check out books about crafts, outdoor games, sports, magic tricks, travel, cooking, or gardening.

5. Check out movies. Make movie time smarter by reading the book and then comparing the movie. Or watch a bilingual video and experience another language by reading the subtitles.

4. Check out music CDs – and use your Oak Park Public Library card and PIN to log in to Freegal Music. You can download free music to your Mac, PC and mobile device. Dance around the house together on a rainy day, write your own lyrics, or take some lively children’s music with you on a trip and have the kids sing (and read) along.

3. Are you dreading a long car trip? Pop in a family audio book or a downloadable ebook and the miles will fly by.

2. Have your child show you their favorite web sites. For boys, try guysread.com. For girls, try discoverygirls.com. Play an online game together, or search for a recipe, craft, or puzzle sheet.

1. Join “20,000 Reads Under the Sea” and challenge yourselves to dive into some great books. Find inspiring reading and viewing choices, entertaining events, online book recommendations, and drop-in fun all summer long. Learn more about our summer reading program.

We want to share our love of reading with you and encourage lifelong learning throughout our community with motivating experiences for all ages. Our free summer reading program for everyone runs through Friday, July 26, and is brought to you by the Friends of the Oak Park Public Library.

By Heather McCammond-Watts, Manager, Children’s Services