by Genevieve Grove, Librarian, Elementary School Services

For kids from birth through ninth grade

You’ll be a winner when you read, explore, and play at your library this summer, and everyone is welcome to join the team! Our sports-themed summer reading program, Read for the Win, starts today and runs for eight weeks (June 1-July 29). This year, it's open to all kids, from birth through ninth grade. 

We want to share our love of reading with you and encourage lifelong learning throughout our community with motivating experiences for all ages. Find inspiring reading and viewing choices, entertaining events, sporty activities, and drop-in fun here all summer. 

In addition to being a fun way to engage the entire family, research shows that students who read over the summer keep their reading skills sharp, and are better prepared for school in the fall. Summer reading = better grades.

How it works

To get started, stop in at the Main Library, Dole Branch, or Maze Branch from June 1 through July 29. Kids will receive an activity sheet/reading log targeted specifically to their age level, from babies through kids entering ninth grade.

New this year, kids will accumulate beads, charms, and dog tags on a necklace or keychain, a great visual reminder of all their hard work. We have 40,000 beads ready to distribute throughout the summer! Here's an overview of how kids can earn them and have tons of fun along the way:

  • Babies through kids entering kindergarten: The youngest participants can work through a list of engaging early literacy-based activities, including puzzles, dancing, stories, and talking about the world around them. When they complete all the activities, caregivers and their little ones can choose a prize: either bubbles, a rubber duck, or a necklace kit.
  • Kids entering grades 1-3: Emerging readers in early elementary grades will track how long they read, plus choose from sports-themed Field Goal Challenges. For every hour they read, they'll earn one bead. After completing five hours of reading and two challenges, they'll earn a bonus bead. Kids can earn up to 15 regular beads and three bonus beads. After that, they can keep reading to earn raffle tickets for surprise prizes. Get started with your log here.
  • Kids entering grades 4-9: We recognize that older elementary and middle school students often stop reading for pleasure as their social schedules fill up. Summer is the perfect time to bring it back into their lives. Big kids and tweens will select from tons of options to make their reading time fun, like climbing a tree with their book, reading aloud in a sports-announcer voice, or exploring a biography of a famous athlete. For every challenge they complete, they'll earn one bead. For every five challenges, they'll earn a bonus bead. Kids can earn up to 15 regular beads and three bonus beads. After that, they can keep going to earn raffle tickets for surprise prizes. Get started with your log here.

What counts as reading?

Kids can read whatever they like: books, magazines, graphic novels, audiobooks, and so on. And they don't have to read independently: they can choose to read to someone else, or let someone read to them—a great idea for older and younger siblings!

We'll cheer you on

Need help choosing a title? Our staff will help you find the books you love so you can reach the finish line without breaking a sweat. You can also check out our recommended reading lists.

Have a long car ride coming up? Audiobooks are fantastic entertainment for the whole family and another way to bring reading into your life. When you listen to a book, you build the world in your mind, absorb new words and invest yourself in characters, just like traditional reading. One option: check out Hoopla's new Kids Mode to find kid-friendly content fast.

Start your quest for the gold

Sign up starting Wednesday, June 1. And join us for lots of fun, sporty events all summer, including:
Check them all out on our online calendar and in the summer issue of The Storyline.