We are engagers: turning and focusing outward toward our community. We are learners: listening to what our community tells us and acting purposefully to achieve our objectives. We are stewards: defending our shared values, using vital resources responsibly, and working collaboratively with our partners to prepare for the future.

Executive Director David J. Seleb

708.697.6911 |  d.seleb@oppl.org

Assistant Director for Administrative Services Jim Madigan

708.697.6909  |  jmadigan@oppl.org

Assistant Director for Public Services Cynthia Landrum

708.697.6913  |  clandrum@oppl.org

Managers of Library Experiences and Initiatives

Manager of Library Assessment 

Sharon Comstock, scomstock@oppl.org

Manager of Communication Services 

Jodi Kolo, jkolo@oppl.org

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