We are engagers: turning and focusing outward toward our community. We are learners: listening to what our community tells us and acting purposefully to achieve our objectives. We are stewards: defending our shared values, using vital resources responsibly, and working collaboratively with our partners to prepare for the future. 

Executive Director 

David J. Seleb, d.seleb@oppl.org, 708.697.6911

Deputy Director

Jim Madigan, jmadigan@oppl.org, 708.697.6909

Effectiveness and Impact Managers 

Experience and Initiatives Managers 

Experience and Initiatives Assistant Managers

Librarians of Practice

To better support community needs and use librarians’ expertise in more focused ways, we follow a librarians of practice model. Each librarian gears his or her talents for research, relationship-building, and local expertise around a specific topic that informs how librarians select and maintain collections, develop programming, and cultivate community partnerships. Have a question or idea about how the library can work with your local organization? Contact a librarian of practice now.