Watch a demonstration video of Tech Logic's Ultra Sort in action >After more than 14 years and nearly 11 million items, the Main Library's automated materials handling (AMH) system is being upgraded. 

"We’re replacing aging equipment and outdated software to better serve our community, getting library materials back on shelves, circulating among libraries, and to patrons faster and more efficiently," said Elizabeth Marszalik, Manager for Library Experiences and Initiatives. 

Installation taking place December 4–15

Map of book drop locations

Preparation for installation has been underway for about six weeks. Work is scheduled for Monday, December 4 through Friday, December 15. During these two weeks:

  • Library staff will manually check in and sort all materials
  • Public access to the Main Library Idea Box and Children’s Services area will be closed. More about Children's Services > 
  • Visitors to the library can return their materials in book return bins both inside and outside the Main Library (instead of placing items on the conveyor belts). Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, curbside returns are located outside each branch library and across the street from the Main Library in Village Parking Lot 55 on North Boulevard (see graphic for exact location).

Why have an AMH?

This vital operational equipment at the Main Library helps return materials from two public access points (book returns). The system:

  • Reduces the need to manually check in and sort library materials, and;
  • Helps get library materials where they need to go, quickly and efficiently—back on the shelves, circulating among our three Oak Park library buildings and partner SWAN libraries, and into patrons’ hands.

Why upgrade?

The Board of Library Trustees approved replacement of original equipment and software with more efficient, effective technology so we can serve you better. Benefits of the new system include:

  • Faster materials access and record updates. The new system speeds up returns, and helps get items back on shelves (in the stacks and reserved for hold) more quickly. It also will update your account more quickly.
  • Reduced downtime. Aging equipment and outdated software had led to frequent equipment downtime, repairs, and maintenance. 
  • Watch a demonstration video of Tech Logic's Ultra Sort in action >

Questions? Please let us know in person and online now >