Where has your library taken you? To new ideas and places? On a museum adventure? To your next job? 

We hear such a range of unique answers to this question, we wanted to share. As well as ask you to share with all of us.

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Thank you, Oak Park, for using your public library!

Check out these 'hidden gems,' shared by library staff

We asked library staff where their library cards have taken them. Here's some of the hidden gems they shared, and want to be sure you to know about, too!

"To hear a live concert - I streamed one with hoopla!"


"To the Oscars! I streamed I Am Not Your Negro (nominated for Best Documentary Feature in 2017) from Kanopy to a Smart TV!"


To take away my roadtrip boredom. I streamed audiobooks using my phone and car's bluetooth connection while on the road!"


"To Senegal! By borrowing a beautiful Souwere glass painting from the library's Multicultural Collection, and using it in an activity we did at my daughter's Girl Scout meeting!"


"To understand more about my family's past with Ancestry.com's library edition."


"To recovery (from surgery) with plenty of books and movies by my side... brought to my door through Home Delivery!"


"To help my mom find a new job - accessing Brainfuse's one-on-one resume consulting support!"


"To explore the beautiful grounds of a nearby best-kept secret: Cantigny Park (through the Museum Adventure Pass program)!"


"The library came to me via the Paperback Rider (Oak Park's Book Bike is cruising the streets April through October)!"