Oak Park is talking... and we are listening, having Community Conversations to gain public knowledge about Oak Park.

Bringing people together

Community Conversations bring diverse people of the community together for “kitchen-table” discussions: everyone participates and all contributions are respected. The leader of these discussions asks a series of specific questions, questions that build upon each other and that are developed to reveal people’s deepest aspirations for their community. Through these dialogues, organizations gain public knowledge: knowledge about the aspirations of their community, knowledge that can lead to meaningful and purposeful action.

Libraries leading transformation

It is no longer sufficient for the library to report on our outputs as a measurement of our success. We must be able to tell the story of our impact on the community we serve, to demonstrate the difference we make in people’s lives, to create or recreate the kind of community people want. This is what Community Conversations are designed to do – to engage and to transform communities.

Be a part of the change

  • To host a conversation at any time, email library Executive Director David Seleb at d.seleb@oppl.org.
  • Know the most productive and engaging conversations take about 90 minutes and include one facilitator asking questions to a group of eight to 12 participants. There are no wrong answers. The questions asked are always the same, and the insights revealed are often inspiring.