Access to Information Strategic Initiative

The free exchange of ideas and access to information are fundamental tenets of a democratic society. The library is committed to the principles of intellectual freedom.  We provide free access to information and resources that address our users’ needs and wants.  We respect and protect the privacy and confidentiality of our users.

3.     Goal:      Make the Library easier to use for everyone.    

3.1       Objective:       Conduct a self-study for policy, economic, language and physical barriers to reduce or eliminate barriers to access.

3.2       Objective:       Explore techniques to better market and promote the collection.  

3.3       Objective:       Reach out to special client groups (youth, seniors, differently abled) to meet their needs.

3.4       Objective:       Identify non-users and their needs.

4.     Goal:      Increase staff and public awareness of what we do and what we have.

4.1       Objective:       Create a public awareness plan that promotes services, materials and programs.  

4.2       Objective:       Ensure that all staff is fully conversant with Oak Park Public Library policies and procedures.  

4.3       Objective:       Share the library core values with staff and community.

4.4       Objective:       Improve and increase outreach efforts.