Cultural Center Strategic Initiative

Oak Park is a dynamic hub of cultural activities and civic engagement.  The Library builds and engages in mutually beneficial relationships with other community groups and organizations to create a vibrant web of community activity.  We are a full partner in finding solutions for community problems, and focus our role in all aspects of community improvement and government.  We are a physical place and a virtual destination where people and ideas connect.  We are a repository and aggregator of local history and heritage.  We are a clearinghouse for community information.

10.  Goal:      Offer programming which serves the needs and interests of the Oak Park community.

10.1     Objective:       Improve library-wide coordination, planning, marketing and evaluation of programming.  

10.2     Objective:       Work in collaboration with other organizations (libraries, schools, businesses) and cultural institutions to develop, co-sponsor and publicize programs.

11.  Goal:      Maximize use of meeting rooms at all three library locations.  

11.1     Objective:       Create a centralized listing where all events and programs held in the Library can be posted.

11.2     Objective:       Communicate to the community the availability of and limitations on the use of meeting rooms.

11.3     Objective:       Evaluate current room reservation software and train relevant staff in its optimum use.