This policy covers all officers and employees of the Library.  The Library will not tolerate, condone or allow sexual harassment, whether engaged in by fellow employees, supervisors, or officers or anyone doing business with or appearing before the Library.  The Library supports and encourages reporting of all incidents of alleged sexual harassment, regardless of who the alleged offender may be, and will promptly investigate all reported incidents.

  1. Responsibility of Individual Employees
  1. Each individual employee has the responsibility to refrain from sexual harassment in the work place.

  1. An individual employee who sexually harasses a fellow worker is, of course, liable for their individual conduct.

  1. The harassing employee will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including discharge in accordance with the Library's policy.

  1. An employee who either observes or believes themselves to be the object of sexual harassment is responsible for reporting the incident(s) to their supervisor.

  1. Responsibility of Supervisory Personnel

Each supervisor is responsible for maintaining a workplace that is free of sexual harassment.

Supervisors must report all incidents or complaints of sexual harassment to the Library Director on the date of the alleged occurrence, or on the very next business day.  If the alleged offender is the Library Director, supervisors should directly contact the President of the Board of Library Trustees.

In addition, supervisors must take responsible steps to ensure that no retaliation will result against an employee making a sexual harassment complaint. 

Supervisors in need of information regarding their obligations under this Policy or the procedures to be followed upon receipt of a complaint should contact the Library Director.

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