It is hoped that most sexual harassment complaints and incidents can be resolved through the Library's internal complaint process established above.  However, an employee has the right to contact, file a complaint with, request an investigation by, and/or seek recourse through the Illinois Department of Human Rights (the "Department") and the Illinois Human Rights Commission (the "Commission").  Any such complaint must be filed within 180 days of the incident of sexual harassment or of the incident of unlawful retaliation.  The exact rules, procedures and other information regarding filing a complaint with, requesting an investigation by and/or securing recourse from, the Department or Commission (including the nature and extent of such recourse) can be obtained by contacting the Department or Commission as follows:

                                                                                Illinois Department of Human Rights

                                                                                100 West Randolph Street

                                                                                Suite 10-100

                                                                                Chicago, Illinois   60601

                                                                                (312) 814-6200

                                                                                (866) 740-3953 (TTY)


                                                                                Illinois Human Rights Commission

                                                                                100 West Randolph Street

                                                                                Suite 5-100

                                                                                Chicago, Illinois   60601

                                                                                (312) 814-6269


A copy of this policy shall be provided to each employee and shall be provided to the Department on its request.

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