Library Board approved July 16, 2002

Any Oak Park resident who wishes to question why materials were selected or were not selected for the library should be referred to the Manager for the department holding the materials or the Collection Development Coordinator.  The appropriate department head will discuss with the patron the reasons why the materials were or were not added to the collection.

If the matter is not resolved, the patron may request that a title or titles be reconsidered, and they will be asked to complete a title reconsideration form.  The form will be submitted to the Executive Director, who with appropriate professional staff will review the title in question, considering whether its selection is in accordance with the criteria stated in the Policy on Selection of Library Materials and Collection Management.  The Executive Director will make a decision and send a letter to the person who requested the reconsideration of a title, stating the reasons for the decision.

If the person who requested the reconsideration is not satisfied with the decision of the Executive Director, they may request in a letter to the Executive Director that the matter be referred to the Board of Library Trustees.  The Executive Director will forward the request and the title reconsideration form to the President of the Board of Library Trustees who will place the matter on a Library Board meeting agenda as soon as practical.  The decision of the Board will be final and will be sent in writing to the person who requested reconsideration of a title.