Library Board approved  June 1, 2011. Revised February 15, 2012

The Board of Library Trustees has prescribed these Rules of Behavior for the purpose of assuring that (i) all library patrons have a fair and equitable opportunity to the quiet use and enjoyment of the Library's services, materials and facilities without being subjected to unreasonable interference or disturbance by others; (ii) all Library patrons enjoy a safe and secure facility in which to use the Library's materials and services; (iii) the Library's materials are protected from theft and damage; and (iv) all Library employees enjoy a safe and secure workplace. Illinois Library Law authorizes the Board of Library Trustees "to exclude from the use of the library any person who willfully violates the rules prescribed by the board."

The general Rules of Behavior in the Library are as follows:

  1. All conduct that may reasonably be expected to create a disturbance or otherwise interfere with the quiet and safe use and enjoyment of the Library by others (for example, but not limited to, loud or boisterous conversations, running, fighting, threatening or harassing behavior, use of video equipment including cell phone cameras, obstructing others' access to Library resources, etc.) is PROHIBITED.
  2. Children under eight years of age may not be left unattended in the Library. They must be under the direct supervision of a parent, or responsible caregiver, when in the Library.
  3. Animals, other than specially trained animals used as aids by persons with disabilities, are not permitted in the Library.
  4. Personal distribution of leaflets, survey taking, collecting signatures on petitions, solicitations and similar activities on library property are PROHIBITED.
  5. Library users may not leave personal belongings in the Library when they leave the building. The Library is not responsible for any loss of users' personal belongings, through theft or otherwise.  Bulky items that take up excessive space are not permitted in Library facilities or on Library grounds.
  6. All conduct is PROHIBITED that may reasonably be expected to endanger the health and safety of Library users or employees or cause or threaten to cause damage to Library materials or facilities (for example, moving furniture in a way which blocks aisles, using tables, chairs or heating units as footstools, sitting on stairways, defacing or vandalizing Library property or materials, etc.) The Library reserves the right to limit the number of persons who may sit together at a single table or carrel.
  7. Food and drink are allowed in all Library facilities except in the following designated areas:


    Silent Reading Room in the Main Library

    Storytime Room in the Main Library

    Archives and Special Collections in the Main Library

    Food should not be eaten while using a Library computer. Covered drinks only at computer workstations.  In the event that equipment or materials are being damaged because of food, or if the food being consumed is disturbing other customers because it is smelly or messy, staff will ask the customer to take their food out of the Library.  Customers are expected to clean up after themselves and to immediately report spills to staff.  Group meals (e.g. pizza parties) and food delivery are not allowed in public areas except for pre-arranged and approved meetings in public meeting rooms.

    Any behavior that does not support a welcoming environment and/or violates the Rules of Conduct may result in cost-recovery charges, suspension of library privileges, exclusion from the Library and prosecution.

  8. Weapons such as explosives, firearms, knives, look-alike weapons, or any other objects that can reasonably be considered as weapons, are not permitted on Library property or any Library-related events.
  9. Use of alcohol and tobacco products in the Library is PROHIBITED.
  10. The Library reserves the right to inspect the contents of all bags, purses, briefcases, backpacks, etc. for library materials
  11. The Library reserves the right to impose time limits upon continuous use of Library equipment.
  12. Depending upon the offense and the particular circumstances of the case, violators of the foregoing Rules may be barred from use of the Library, either temporarily or permanently.  Security guards are authorized to ask disruptive patrons to leave the library and ban them for a 24-hour period.  Guidelines for banning patrons are as follows:


    Minor infractions such as running: 

    First offense – patrons are asked to leave for the day; Second offense – three-day ban; Third offense –One-week ban;

    Use of profanity, threatening, intimidating or harassing behavior, damage to library property:

    First offense one-day ban; Second offense – One-week ban; Third offense – One-month ban; Additional violations – Six month ban.  Library staff will call the police when serious incidents such as these occur.  Administration will issue letters that will be sent certified to the patron’s home.  Parents, guardians and school principals will be notified if the patron is a minor.

    In addition to barring persons, temporarily or permanently, from use of the Library for violations of the foregoing Rules, the Library may, in its sole discretion, bring criminal charges against any persons suspected of criminal acts toward library staff or patrons, including theft or vandalism of Library property or materials or of any violations on Library property of federal, state or local laws and ordinances.