Library Board approved June 1, 2011. Revised February 15, 2012. Revised February 24, 2015. Revised September 15, 2015

The Board of Library Trustees has established Rules of Behavior to ensure that:

  • All library patrons may use and enjoy the Library's services, materials, and facilities without unreasonable interference or disturbance from others;
  • All library patrons enjoy safe and secure library facilities;
  • The library's materials are protected from theft and damage; and
  • All library employees have a safe and secure workplace. Illinois Library Law authorizes the Board of Library Trustees "to exclude from the use of the library any person who willfully violates the rules prescribed by the board."

Rules of Behavior

A. No conduct is permitted that may reasonably be expected to create a disturbance or otherwise interfere with the safe use and enjoyment of the Library by others (for example, (but not limited to) loud or boisterous conversations, running, fighting, threatening or harassing behavior, obstructing others'ʹ access to Library resources, etc.).

B. No conduct is permitted that may reasonably be expected to endanger the health and safety of Library users or employees or cause or threaten to cause damage to Library materials or facilities (for example, moving furniture in a way which blocks aisles, using tables, chairs or heating units as footstools, sitting on stairways, defacing or vandalizing Library property or materials, etc.) The Library reserves the right to limit the number of persons who may sit together at a single table or carrel.

C. Library staff is not responsible for caregiving duties, such as bathroom assistance, providing snacks, providing telephones, care of illness, conflict resolution, or providing time and attention that prevents them from fulfilling their primary duties. Parents and caregivers are expected to fulfill these responsibilities.

D. Patrons may not bring animals other than service animals into the library.

E. Personal distribution of leaflets, survey taking, collecting signatures on petitions, solicitations, and similar activities on library property are not permitted.

F. Library users may not leave personal belongings in the Library when they leave the building. The Library is not responsible for any loss of users'ʹ personal belongings, through theft or otherwise. Large items that obstruct walkways or cannot fit easily under a chair or table are not permitted in Library facilities or on Library grounds.

G. Food and drink are allowed in all Library facilities except in the following designated areas:

  • Silent Reading Room in the Main Library
  • Storytime Room in the Main Library
  • Children’s Play Areas in the Main Library
  • Archives and Special Collections in the Main Library
  • Food should not be eaten while using a Library computer. Covered drinks only are permitted near computers. In the event that equipment or materials are damaged because of food or drink, or if the food or drink being consumed is disturbing other customers because of mess or odor, staff will ask the customer to take their food or drink out of the Library. Customers are expected to clean up after themselves and immediately to report accidents to staff. Group meals and food delivery are not allowed in public areas except for prearranged and approved meetings in public meeting spaces.

H. Weapons such as explosives, firearms, knives, look-alike weapons, or any other objects that can reasonably be considered as weapons, are not permitted on Library property or at any Library-related events.

I. Use of alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drugs on Library property is not permitted. Alcohol only is permitted at prearranged and approved meetings and events in public meeting spaces.

J. Engaging in sexual conduct, sexual harassment, or lewd behavior is not permitted.

K. The Library reserves the right to inspect the contents of all bags, purses, briefcases, backpacks, etc., for library materials.

L. The Library reserves the right to impose time limits upon the continuous use of Library equipment.

M. Any behavior that violates the Rules of Behavior may result in cost recovery charges, suspension of library privileges, exclusion from the Library, and prosecution. Depending upon the offense and the particular circumstances of the case, violators of the foregoing Rules may be excluded from use of the Library. Library staff and security guards are authorized to ask disruptive patrons to leave the library and to exclude them for a 24-hour period. They are also authorized to call the police at their discretion. Violations, both minor and serious, may also be investigated by library administrators who may exclude violators for varying and longer periods of time depending upon the seriousness of the violation. Exclusions for violations may be renewed if deemed necessary for the safety, health, and well being of others. Caregivers will be notified if the offender is a minor.

Besides excluding persons from use of the Library for violations of the foregoing Rules, the Library may bring criminal charges against any persons suspected of criminal acts toward library staff or patrons, including theft or vandalism of Library property or materials or of any violations on Library property of federal, state, or local laws and ordinances.

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