July 2012

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Decorating For The SRP

1 = the number of kids who've licked the ice cream cone decals on the floor (that we know of)
3 = the number of months to plan the décor for SRP
4 = the number of people it takes to put together a K’nex Coaster (1 librarian, then 3 kids to fix it!)
5 = the number of headaches caused by laminator fumes
7 = the number of BIG rolls of tape used to hold up all this fun
44 = the number of pieces of popcorn in the trail
100 = the number of times the polka dot column covers have fallen down
253 = the number of incredible kids adding colorful balloons to the charity reading windows
1000 = the number of kids who followed the popcorn trail each time they come into the Main Library Children’s Department
Billions = the number of people who have said they LOVE how awesome the Library looks this summer
All of them = the number of librarians who love it, too!

Summer Thrills

Summer vacation is the perfect time for big adventures, right? Trips to ride the roller coasters at Great America or to climb the Sleeping Bear Dunes can be scary and fun all at the same time.

But my favorite summer adventures are the safe kind--and almost always come between the covers of a book! This year some of my favorite series have new books which are jam-packed with the excitement I
love. I’ll be catching up with these thrilling reads on the beach this summer:

Look out for more wild rides with these titles, both out October 2:


Some of you know me as Miss Jennifer, the Librarian...

...but if you happened to see the "Reading Is A Thrill" skit at your school this spring, you'll also know me as "the wonderful and kooky Mr. Andy's faithful sidekick."

Well, guess what? I have a lot of TOP SECRET information about Mr. Andy!

Did you know that Mr. Andy's...

  • favorite color is PERIWINKLE?
  • favorite food is CHUTNEY?
  • favorite sports team is the UC SANTA CRUZ BANANA SLUGS?
  • favorite childhood memory is BEING BORN?
  • favorite ice cream flavor is GUACAMOLE?
  • middle name is ADVENTURE?

So, if you want to make Mr. Andy's day, just bring a guacamole cone to the Children's Desk the next time you visit us.

Okay, one more: here's Mr. Andy playing his favorite game ever, ultimate frisbee. Good catch, Mr. Andy!

Power Up

That storm last Sunday sure was big and loud--but some people still braved the weather to visit us!

Despite the dark clouds outside, we had plenty of kids clowning around and checking in their READING IS A THRILL! reading logs. Unfortunately, the A/C eventually turned off and it started getting humid and hot inside.

Because our computers weren’t working and the other library floors didn’t have power, we did have to close early last Sunday [and Monday, too!]. Our awesome Facilities Team got us back up and running as soon as they could, though.

Ralph, Henry and Mudge, didn’t even notice the disruptions because they were tucked away safe inside their cozy gerbil circus.

Don’t let the weather keep you away--as long as we have power, we’ll be handing out summer reading program prizes and enjoying a carnival of other fun through Friday, July 27!

Zultan Sees Your Future...You're Going to Finish the Summer Reading Program Soon!

Have you had a chance to meet Zultan yet? He’s the mysterious star of the Magical Mayhem theme week during READING IS A THRILL! this summer.

Kids who brought their reading logs into the Main Library last week already got to see Zultan's glowing eyes and crystal ball--his fortunes were definitely in demand. Zultan looks a bit scary, but don’t worry--he can’t hurt you! His crystal ball is all talk, even if there is a skull in it. Keep your eye on the Maze Branch because we hear that's where Zultan's headed next....

Meanwhile, this week at the Main Branch, we’ve traded Zultan for our excellent Clown Dress-Up Kit and a Monkey Toss game. Come test your aim with some bananas and coconuts--this monkey is HUNGRY!