August 2013

Sharing Books

This fall, we are getting Very Ready to Read!

Each week in our storytime classes, we are going to focus on one of seven ways you can help your child become a Very Ready Reader. These will be fun bonding activities you can share with children of all ages, from babies on up.

This week, we talked about sharing books, which is one of the best ways to help kids become good readers. These are some of our favorite tips and tricks:

  • Keep reading with kids even after they have learned to read on their own! - Miss Jenny
  • Try choosing books that encourage sound effects or animals sounds. Books with sound effects allow kids and caregivers to interact with the books, have fun, and enjoy books together! - Mr. Ben
  • Share books everywhere! The car (unless you're like Ms. Genevieve and get car sick)! The grocery store! Under a tree at the park! - Ms. Genevieve
  • When I read From Head to Toe, I like to dramatically pause right before each animal's name to give young toddlers the chance to form the interesting vocabulary word in their head, and then I'll let them know what it is. It's called dialogic reading, but I call it suspenseful fun! - Miss Heather
  • You don't need to sit down and read for 20 minutes straight with restless kids. Instead, find ways to incorporate a short book into your daily routines. Bubble Bath Pirates is particularly fun for bathtime--just pull up a stool beside the tub and read it aloud while they're taking a bath! - Miss Heather
  • Remember: books are not just for bedtime stories!  Reading together is great any time of the day.  Reading time doesn't have to be a formal sit-down affair-- sharing even a few pages of a book at a time is worthwhile. - Miss Jennifer
  • Read books with expression for maximum fun - try making it as much fun for you as it is for the kids! They’ll pick up on your enthusiasm. If they aren’t feeling it right then, put in a bookmark and come back to it later. It shouldn't be a chore. - Miss Shelley
  • Older kids can still enjoy picture books! Read them aloud and then let the kids act them out. Look at the pictures, then ask what animals/characters are in the picture (who), what are they doing in the picture (what) and where they are when they are doing it (where). Add sound effects and have fun! - Miss Jessica

What are your favorite ways to share books with your kids?

Recommended: ROSE by Holly Webb

Rose has grown up in an orphanage, and at age 10, gets chosen to be undermaid at the local Alchemist's mansion. But there's nothing at all magical about HER--right?
This is a seriously awesome and fun mashup of classic British orphan tales and magic. The mystery isn't as mysterious as it could be, but the world, characters and adventure grab you anyway. It's hard to pick a favorite character--they are all interesting, each interesting in their own way; I loved Freddie, Isabella and Gus as much as Rose. The world seems very much like ours at the start, with magic introduced slowly as Rose learns more about what is around her and why.
Kids who like stories set in the past, stories with magic, and stories with adventure will all really like Rose by Holly Webb. (Warning: the end does get much scarier and bloodier than the rest of it!)
This is a complete four-book series in England so keep your eyes out for the est of the series, which we hope will come out SOON.