Favorite New Reads From 2012

I read a lot of books written for kids and tweens. These were my favorite that came out in 2012 - maybe not Newbery worthy, but still good books! What new books did you find last year?

In a Glass Grimmly
Follow Jack and Jill (and Frog) on a gruesome yet funny trek through the REAL fairy tales--we're talking the original bloody, scary versions - on a quest for the looking glass that will save their lives. This is a fabulous adventure.

Seventh grader Callie is thrilled to be doing set design for her school play, but drama with friends and boys and questions of who likes who threatens to upstage the production. Perfect for theater geeks (like me!).

Bink and Gollie: Two for One
This pair of odd-couple BFFs are off to the State Fair in three new stories involving prize donuts, talent show terror and destiny.  It made me laugh, often.

Her Permanent Record
Farewell to Amelia McBride! The last Amelia Rules book has her  on the hunt for Aunt Tanner, who’s gone missing, with the unexpected help of old friends. This was a great ending to the series.

Flora is on her way to a brand new school when she falls asleep and finds herself back in 1935--her new dorm mates have brought her back with a magic spell and they’re not sure they know how to send her back. I love time-travel books, and this one was wonderful!

The Wishing Spell
Alex and Connor love fairy tales, but not so much they wanted to live them. When they find themselves in The Land of Stories, they set off on a scavenger hunt with familiar characters to try and make their way back home. Goldie was the best.

Great Wall of Lucy Wu
Lucy is determined to make this the best year ever, but then she learns that her great-aunt is going to be sharing her room, and she has to go to Chinese school on the weekends instead of basketball. Is all hope lost?

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