Oak Park's Best Reading Spots

Oak Park is so awesome--we're a village filled with readers, after all! I've been thinking where the best places in OP to sit down with a book are. Here are my faves, but please leave a comment about your own fave bookish nook!

1. Caribou Coffee. The one on Harlem is best, because they have a fireplace and super comfy leather chairs. Their fruit smoothies are delightful, and they offer cold-pressed coffee for the grownups. Don't forget one of their french toast muffins--yum!

2. The Book Table. They have lots of small nooks to sit down in, and the place is carpeted so there's always a comfy spot. Usually you can find a chair tucked away in the stacks, too. Add in that new-book smell, and it's wonderful!

3. Prairie Bread Kitchen. This is my pick for reading outside, since their cafe tables are off the beaten path, they have amazing smoothies and cookies to nibble, and nobody bothers you if you want to take your time.

4. Rehm Pool. For reading, I like Rehm better because they have some grassy areas and more shade. The benches in the nearby park are also great spots to try.

5. Scoville Park Hill. You can usually find a spot, there's enough shade, and the library is right next door for cold water and bathroom breaks--what could be better?

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