Share and Share Alike

All of the literacy tips we've been sharing this fall have been about, well - sharing. All the fun activities you can share with your kids to get them on the path to reading, no matter how many years off that may be. Here are some of the tips we've shared recently:


Sharing stories is a great way to build reading skills! Try choosing books that encourage kids to make up silly stories, or just talk about their day. -Mr. Ben

Your kids love to hear the same songs and rhymes over and over. The repetition is comforting, but also helps reinforce the sounds and meanings of words. Plus, fingerplays like "Where is Thumbkin" help them focus on how to use their fingers individually. It may be hard to bring up Mr. Ring Finger by himself now, but they'll eventually be able to do it! - Miss Gennie

Animals are fun to imitate! Using silly voices and sounds as you read about animal characters. Roars, Peeps and Moooos add to the fun and help little listeners join in the "reading" fun. - Miss Jennifer

Remember you can always fold- or draw- characters from what you're reading.  Put your imagination to the paper! - Mr. Ian

Sometimes books have unfamiliar "big" words - don't just change these words to ones your kids know when you're reading aloud. Use the new word, but define it as you read. Then, keep using the new word in your everyday life! - Miss Gennie
Books: Make reading together part of your daily routine, but let it happen spontaneously too. Lift the flap books are great for fostering interaction books in the very young. (Tip: Cover the hinge of the flap with tape before your child handles it, and the flaps will last much longer.) - Miss Jennifer

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