Share Songs and Play to Grow Readers

When it comes to storytime, we Librarians do as many songs and rhymes as we do books (or even more, for the little ones). We talked about why last session. Here are some ways caregivers can incorporate storytime activites into daily life.

Even if you don’t think you can carry a tune in a basket, you should SING with your kids often – young children are not at all judgmental about your singing ability. When you and your child sing, children start to hear words broken up into their smaller parts, as often each syllable is a separate note. This skill helps children with rhyming and with sounding out words later on when they learn to read on their own. - Mr. Andy, via Revolution Readaloud
Making reading fun is an important part building pre-literacy skills, and we have a lot of fun in storytimes. We use props like puppets and felt boards to help stories come to life and to encourage kids to focus--you can, too! Share a book about a dog, for example, and then ask your child to use a plush dog to re-tell the story. - Miss Rory
Acting out stories lets kids interact with books you share. Sharing playtime with kids is a great way to get their imaginations working! - Mr. Ben
Play dress up together! Act out stories and songs that you've shared or their own stories they've created. - Miss Shelley
Sing to your baby any chance you get, and encourage him/her to join in. Singing introduces words, nonsense sounds, rhymes and rhythms-- building blocks for developing literacy skills. - Miss Jennifer
What's your favorite thing to share with your kids? Miss Heather loves to learn new songs and rhymes from Tell Me a Story, hosted by the King County Library System.

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