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Not all stories are found in books! Hearing stories from your imagination or listening to audiobooks helps kids form pictures in their mind and use their own imagination. These skills will help kids picture and understand words when they start reading books independently. How can you help your pre-readers gain these skills?

 When you're at home or outside, you can build your child's vocabulary through imagination! For example, look up at the sky and imagine what is up there. Spell out the words-- airplane, rainbow, cloud-- and if you are feeling creative, try coming up with a poem! - Miss Katie

Storytelling with your child will improve his narrative skills, help her understand the concept of “order” (first, next, last), and help develop prediction skills as well. This can be done with or without a book, and almost anything can be turned into a story!

 At bedtime try asking your child, “Can you tell me what happened today?” or even, “What was –your- story today?” Just remember to ask open-ended questions and expand on your child’s answers – have a true conversation! - Mr. Andy

You do not have to read an actual book to tell a good story.  Make up stories about what you are doing/did during your day. Kids love to hear stories about themselves. - Miss Jennifer

We know the importance of stories for our kids – many of us have used social stories or heard our kids use lines and stories from favorite shows to navigate new experiences and feelings. Stories are important for all kids, though – narrate your days, tell them about their babyhoods, let them tell you about their favorite shows. The better their narrative skills, the better their reading skills. - Miss Shelley


What stories can you share today?


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