Sharing Rhymes

Our Late Fall Storytime Classes have begun and with them, new tips for helping your kids on the path towards reading independently.


This week, we talked about the importance of rhymes and words:

Miss Rory recommends:
Play the Rhyme Game! Ask kids to say any word which rhymes with a body part. So,
"Now touch your [pat your head and wait for child to guess what you're about to say]...head! Wow, good rhyming!"

With the confidence of being able to guess the second word [body part], kids will have so much fun being rhyming experts. And hearing the similarities and differences in the sounds is a great pre-literacy skill-builder!

Miss Katie suggests:

As you read books to your child, you can say more than just the words on the page. You can use a picture of a word on the page as conversation starters. You can ask your child a question or even tell a story about the object! You are building your child’s vocabulary by exposing them to many different words.

Mr. Ben advises:

Try choosing books that have a lot of simple rhymes or make up some silly rhymes of your own. That way, your youngster can pick up on the smaller parts of words--an important skill for reading--while having fun!

Miss Shelley offers:

You can still make rhyming fun when your child is nonverbal or too young to respond. Make up actions or dances to go with the rhymes as you recite them. They're picking up on the rhymes and feeling good about participating, too.

What are your favorite rhymes to share?

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