Who can place a request?

We accept requests from anyone who is a resident of Oak Park and has a valid library card.

What kinds of items can I get?

Most kinds of items can be requested, including books, CDs, DVDs, microfilm, copies of articles, etc. We don't interlibrary loan materials that are available through our SWAN catalog. It can be difficult for us to borrow rare books and genealogical materials, reference books, and textbooks for school use. We welcome suggestions for purchase.

Why aren't my interlibrary loan materials showing up on my SWAN record?

Your interlibrary loan items are now only checked out in the request system. When you login to the system, you can View Your Requests.

Is there a fee?

Items borrowed from Illinois libraries are free. If your item is only available to be borrowed from out-of-state, there is a $5.00 fee paid at the Customer Service desk when your item has arrived. This fee is charged even if you do not pick up the item. Oak Park Public Library absorbs the out-of-state supplying library's expense up to $20.00, and you will be offered the option of obtaining items with higher fees on a cost recovery basis.

When will my materials arrive?

Items within Illinois usually take 2-3 weeks to arrive, but this can vary due to availability. Out-of-state items vary depending on availability and where we request them from. Arrival time of purchased materials depends upon publication date and availability from our library distributors. We will contact you when your items arrive.

Where do I pick my materials up?

Interlibrary loan items will be held behind the Customer Service desk at the location you choose for pick-up. Purchased items will be waiting for you on the Holds Pickup shelf.

How long can I keep my interlibrary loan materials?

The libraries we get your items from will determine the due date. Due dates are written on the white band attached to your item.

Can I renew my interlibrary loan materials?

Before the item is due, login to your system account and View Your Requests, and then Items Currently Checked Out.  When you Request a Renewal and then Process Updates, we will ask the supplying library to authorize the renewal.  We will then contact you with their response.

Where do I return my interlibrary loan materials?

Interlibrary loan materials must be returned to the location where you picked them up.

Are there late fees for interlibrary loan items?

Yes, standard late fees apply for interlibrary loan items.

What happens if I lose my interlibrary loan materials?

If you've lost your interlibrary loan item, please contact us. We'll call the library we got your item from, and they'll determine the replacement cost.

How do I contact you about interlibrary loan concerns?

Phone: 708-452-3455
Email: interlibrary@oppl.org