OverDrive gives Oak Park Public Library cardholders immediate access to ebooks, audiobooks, and streaming videos.

New to OverDrive?

  • Visit OverDrive help to get started.
  • Log in to your account on Media on Demand (a group of libraries providing titles through OverDrive).
  • You'll need your library card number and PIN to log in.
  • Check out and download/stream on your mobile device or PC/Mac. Downloading/steaming works a little differently for each device (please see the FAQ below).

Frequently asked questions

How do I use OverDrive on my device or computer?

  • To get started with your device, look at the Getting Started guide.
  • For different aspects of the service, take these video tours.
  • Most mobile devices, such as iPhones, iPads, Kindles, and Nooks are compatible with OverDrive content. Review a list of compatible devices.
  • To read, hear, and watch titles, you'll need the OverDrive app. Download the version of the app that matches your device.
  • To check out ebooks on any device, you'll need an Adobe Digital Editions account. The latest version of the app will automatically prompt you to create an ADE when you first login to OverDrive.
  • To read ebooks on a Kindle, you'll need an Amazon account. 

How many titles can I check out?

  • 10 titles per library card.

What is the loan period for my titles?

  • 3 to 21 days, depending on the format. You can choose a default loan period for your items (Account > Settings > Lending Periods).

You can Return a book to the library, which also deletes it from your device.

You can Delete a book from your device, but you will still have it checked out to your library account -

You can Return a book to the library, which also deletes it from your device.

You can Delete a book from your device, but you will still have it checked out to your library account.What are the loan rules?Choose a one, two or three-week checkout period (found in your Account > Settings).Up to five titles may be checked out at once.

I want to return an ebook or audiobook

I want to renew an ebook or audiobook

  • A title may be renewed one time if there are no other holds on it: just follow these simple how to renew digital titles instructions from OverDrive.

I can't log in to my account

  • Have you ever logged in to SWAN? You need to do that first, and create your PIN. Need help with your PIN?
  • Is your library card expired? You will need to renew it at one of our physical locations before you can log in to Media on Demand.

Everything I want is checked out

  • Click on "Advanced Search" at the top right of the homepage. Select the "Available Now" option at the bottom of the Advanced Search page and click "Search" to get a list of all ebooks that are available for immediate checkout.
  • You can place up to 10 titles on hold at a time. When a title becomes available you will get an email, and have 72 hours to check out the item.
  • Never miss a hold again! Overdrive now has an "auto-checkout" option; you can elect this option to receive a notification when your title is available, confirming that it has been checked out and is available on your account bookshelf.
  • You can also use the Wish List function to keep track of titles you'd like to check out.

I'm looking for something specific

What I want isn't available

Unfortunately, not every book has been made available as an ebook by its publisher. In addition, certain publishers have decided not to offer their ebooks to libraries for lending. You can also check our 3M Cloud Library service for additional titles, or try the Recommend to Library feature in OverDrive, and your request will be considered for the collection.


Something is going wrong with my download/checkout

  • Sometimes you may experience a temporary error—give it another try.
  • Check OverDrive Help for troubleshooting information. 
  • If you don't find the answer, contact us. We are always happy to help! So we can help you best, please share:
    • Steps to reproduce the problem
    • Exact text of any error message
    • URL(s) of any error page(s)
    • Library card number
    • Title(s) of problem download(s)
    • Make and model of mobile device
    • Operating system (Mac® OS 10.6.2, Windows® 7, Windows Vista®, Windows XP, etc.)
    • Internet browser and version
  • OverDrive now provides 24/7 access to tech support. Submit a question online and get an emailed response within 8-24 hours from OverDrive.