3M Ereader FAQs

What is a 3M Ereader?

  • The 3M Ereader is a supplement to our 3M Cloud Library ebook service
  • If you don't have your own ereader, smartphone, or tablet, you can still enjoy the 3M Cloud Library by checking out a 3M Ereader
  • 3M Ereaders do not come preloaded with ebooks. Instead, you choose books to check out from the 3M Cloud Library and download them to the 3M Ereader from your home PC or Mac computer.

How do I get ebooks onto the 3M Ereader?

How many 3M Ereaders does the library offer?

  • We have 30 3M Ereaders

How do I check out a 3M Ereader?

  • Call us at 708-383-8200
  • Ask at a service desk
  • Place a hold online, through the SWAN catalog 

What do I need to check out a 3M Ereader?

  • You need an Oak Park Public LIbrary Card
  • 3M Ereaders and the 3M Cloud Library service are not currently available for non-residents 

When I check out a 3M Ereader, what else comes with it?

In each 3M Ereader bag, there are 4 things:

  1. The 3M Ereader
  2. A case
  3. A power cord and adapter 
  4. An instruction card

How long can I keep a 3M Ereader?

  • The 3M Ereader loan period is 3 weeks

How and where can I return a 3M Ereader?

  • This is the big difference between 3M Ereaders and books: you must return your 3M Ereader to a staff member at the very same service desk in the same library you checked it out from
  • Never use a book return, since any damage will be charged to your library account

Can I see if a specific title is available for a 3M Ereader?

How much does it cost if I return a 3M Ereader late?

  • Overdue fines are $1 a day

What if I damage or lose something that came with the 3M Ereader?

You will need to replace the part at full cost. Replacement pricing includes:

  • 3M Ereader - $99
  • 3M Ereader case - $20

What else do I need to know?

You can:

  • Have one device at a time
  • Keep it up to three weeks (one load period)
  • Renew it up to two times

You can’t:

  • Download content from any other services except the 3M Cloud Library
  • Connect to Wi-Fi, so no Facebook, Twitter, web access

If you have more questions, email us.