Nook FAQ

What is a NOOK?

How many NOOKS does the library offer?

  • We have 33 NOOK Simple Touch devices and 17 NOOK Color devices

When can I check out a NOOK?

  • Place a hold now, the same way you do for any library item, either online or in person, call us at 708-383-8200, or ask at a service desk

What do I need to check out a NOOK?

  • You need an Oak Park Public Library Card
  • If you’re not an Oak Park resident, we may be able to help you place a hold for a NOOK at your home library. Many SWAN libraries offer NOOKs

When I check out a NOOK, what else comes with it?

In each NOOK bag, there are 4 things:

  1. The NOOK
  2. A case
  3. A power cord and adapter
  4. An instruction card

How long can I keep a NOOK?

  • The NOOK loan period is 3 weeks

How and where can I return a NOOK?

  • This is the big difference between NOOKS and books: you must return your NOOK to a staff member at the very same service desk in the same library you checked it out from
  • Never use a book return, since any damage will be charged to your library account

Can I see if a specific title is available on a NOOK?

Yes. All NOOK titles are listed in SWAN. Search for the title, and it will be listed with other copies such as print, audiobooks, and ebooks.

I can’t find the book I want on a NOOK. What can I do?

  • Our pre-loaded content will grow over time, but you can also make a request

How much does it cost if I return a NOOK late?

  • Overdue fines are $1 a day

What if I damage or lose something that came with the NOOK when I checked it out?

You will need to replace the lost part at full cost. Replacement pricing includes:

  • NOOK Simple Touch - $99
  • Simple Touch case - $20
  • Simple Touch adapter- $10
  • NOOK Color - $169
  • Color case - $25

What else do I need to know?

You can:

  • Have one device at a time
  • Keep it up to three weeks (one load period)
  • Renew it up to two times

You can’t:

  • Download new content
  • Add your own content
  • Connect to Wi-Fi, so no Facebook, Twitter, web access

If you have more questions, email us.