Quotes at the Maze Branch Library

All of our locations are tied together thematically by the use of quotations in the buildings. The Maze Branch quotations are all from people with ties to Oak Park.

"All of these activities were fun for both youngsters and grown-ups and were instrumental in making all realize that the library was a friendly, happy place as well as a storehouse of books and knowledge."
- Adele Maze, April, 1954
(West wall, reading room)

"Part of Oak Park's special aura can be traced to its historical and cultural roots, most visibly preserved in its architecture."
- Carole Goodwin, from The Oak Park Strategy
(West wall, reading room)

"A child sees everything sharp and radiant; each object with its shadow beside it. Happiness is more truly happiness than it will ever be again, and is caused by such little things."
- Elizabeth Enright, from Newbery Medal Acceptance Speech, June 20, 1939
(West wall, Children’s area)

"In the next block a public library crowned the corner."
- Harriette Gillem Robinet, from Walking to the Bus-Rider Blues
(West wall, Children’s area)