Author Robert Elder: "The Best Film You've Never Seen"
Tuesday, October 8, 2013 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Academy award-winning films and giant blockbusters have been memorialized. But what about the movies on the other end of the spectrum: the box office flops, the overlooked gems, the lesser-known art films? In "The Best Film You’ve Never Seen: 35 Directors Champion the Forgotten or Critically Savaged Movies They Love" by Robert K. Elder, these oft-disregarded films receive all the praise they deserve from some of the biggest directors in Hollywood. Meet author Robert Elder, hear his favorite stories and see film clips.

Elder is the editor-in-chief for "Chicago Sun-Times" Media Local, overseeing 36 suburban Chicago publications of the Pioneer Press group, including the "Oak Leaves" and "Forest Leaves." For more than a decade, he served as a staff writer at the "Chicago Tribune," often writing film reviews.

Pulitzer-winner Studs Terkel called Elder “a journalist in the noblest tradition” in his introduction to Elder’s book, "Last Words of the Executed."

His newest book was praised by film critic Roger Ebert, who wrote: “How necessary this book is! And how well-judged and written! Some of the best films ever made, as Elder proves, are lamentably all but unknown.”

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