Documentary Film Screening: "Game of Change"

Documentary Film Screening: "Game of Change"

Meet River Forest attorney John Egan who was the only white starter on the Loyola University "Ramblers" basketball team in 1963. See the film that documents how an all-white Mississippi State team snuck out of their home state in defiance of an injuction issued by the Governor of Mississippi that prohibited his Mississippi players to compete in NCAA Chamionship playoffs as they were forbidden to play against African-American players. Earlier this year, President Barack Obama invited John Egan and his Loyola teammates to the White House to celebrate the 50th year of that famous game in sports history. This year, the Ramblers became the first team to be inducted in to the National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame.
Valerie Jarrett of the White House staff wrote: "In 1963, a governor refused to let them play, But today, a President welcomed them to the White House with open arms."


Wednesday, February 5, 2014 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm


Second Floor - Veterans Room