Shakespeare Festival!
Sunday, April 23, 2017 - 1:00pm to 5:00pm

Friends, Oak Parkeans, countrymen lend me your ear;

We gather at Library Maze to celebrate Shakespeare
In a most diverting and phenomenal way
You must come, oh verily, you must stay!
Brain teasing trivia quotes, t'will make you grin
A raffle we will have, with prizes to win!
While all the world's a stage, our stage will host
A Shakespearean Open Mic for all to boast!
From superfluous to soliloquy,
From 2 pm 'til 4 t'will be
Performers, ALL AGES 
Experience, ALL STAGES
Anything Shakespearan or Shakespeare related
What amazing fun for our day to be fated!
The winner of the Raffle 'twill be expected
At the end of the Open Mic, will be selected.
And of course we shall share such delectable treats
All hoping that next year, this all repeats.
What: Shakespeare Festival Where: Oak Park Library Maze Branch 
When: April 23rd from 1-5 pm 
What else: a Shakespearan Open Mic from 2-4 in 10 minute segments, Raffle until 4 pm, quote trivia, treats, FUN!

A historical note:While William Shakespeare's actual date of birth is unclear, we know that he was baptized on April 26th, 1564. As baptisms took place a few days after a child's birth, historians believe that Shakespeare was born on April 23rd. Interstingly, April 23rd is also the date of his death.

Maze Branch
Age Groups: