Summer Reading 2014

Science drives summer reading fun for everyone from Monday, June 9, through Friday, Aug. 1.

Fizz Boom Read is the library’s Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)-based summer reading program. Learn more about summer reading for kids birth through grade 6 and for teens.

One Book, One Oak Park is a new community reading experience for adults, aimed at bringing us all together over one great title exploring the art and science of memory.

It’s easy to join in the fun: just read, discuss, and connect.

NEW! Book Group Discussion Kit

Created just for you by our very own librarians, these kits come complete with discussion questions, author background, and more to help you organize and lead your own discussion on your own timeline. Access the book group discussion kit online, and pick up a free paper kit at any library location.

Getting the book

About Moonwalking with Einstein

Science journalist Joshua Foer’s best-selling title Moonwalking with Einstein: The Art & Science of Remembering Everything was named one of the best books of 2011 by, The New York Times, and The Washington Post. Amazon says it “recounts Foer's yearlong quest to improve his memory under the tutelage of top mental athletes. He draws on cutting-edge research, a surprising cultural history of remembering, and venerable tricks of the mentalist's trade to transform our understanding of human memory. From the United States Memory Championship to deep within the author's own mind, this is an electrifying work of journalism that reminds us that, in every way that matters, we are the sum of our memories.”

More about author Joshua Foer