What kind of community do you want to live in?

We keep asking you this question, because your aspirations drive our work.

The hundreds of people who responded in 2017 told us they continue to value literacy and education; diversity, inclusion, and equity; and health, safety, and affordability. But they also revealed an increased anxiety, as well as a desire to act with greater speed and a determination to make greater progress.

People commented on an increasing concern around the rising cost of living, rising taxes, threats to safety and property, and a lack of awareness—about what is happening in and around the community—and a perceived lack of people actively working together to achieve progress. Barriers mentioned included a coarsening of culture and a lack of empathy.

Frequently, people talked about the gap they saw between their real presence and perceptions around inclusion and equity. Throughout Community Conversations, there was a measure of discouragement about the ways local governments were working with and communicating with the community.

Upon further analysis, themes emerged. Below is a sampling of what we heard last year from your neighbors related to those themes.

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