What does the Township do?

Oak Park Township designs and administers services, grants, and partnerships that benefit senior citizens, at-risk youth, and financially challenged community members; assists in planning and funding local mental health services; and provides voter services, property tax information, and appeal assistance. 

Township or Village:
What's the difference?

The Township of Oak Park and the Village of Oak Park are two separate government bodies that share the same geographic boundaries. 

Oak Park Township focuses on human and social services, while the Village of Oak Park provides municipal services such as police, fire, community development, parking, and streets. Village Hall is located at 123 Madison St., and Oak Park Township is located at 105 S. Oak Park Ave.

In Oak Park history

Oak Park was once part of the township of Cicero, until it seceded in 1902 and became its own municipality, the Village of Oak Park. But the separation from Cicero Township left Oak Park in legal limbo regarding township functions such as property assessment and tax collection. Later in 1902, the Township of Oak Park was incorporated and held its first elections in 1903. Learn more about the Township's history >

An authority on mental health

While the Village runs the Oak Park Department of Public Health, which identifies community problems and potential epidemics, develops health policies, and enforces local ordinances, the Township runs the Community Mental Health Board (CMHB), which plans, develops, coordinates, evaluates, and funds mental health services in Oak Park.

Services include resources and support for children and adults with developmental disabilities, and for those with substance abuse and mental health disorders.

The CMHB also funds the Oak Park Homelessness Coalition, whose mission is to end homelessness in Oak Park.