Meet FeliciaWhat I do at the library: You can find me at any of the service desks at the branches and any of the service desks located at the Main Library (but not all at once). I’m there to answer any and all questions you have, and I particularly like to offer recommendations on books, movies, and music.

How I turn outward: I love attending our events. Since I’ve been working at the library I’ve helped in facilitating a children’s event at Maze Branch last fall that celebrated the 150th anniversary of Alice in Wonderland. I’ve also helped host the Barbara Ballinger Lecture, in which I had the wonderful opportunity to meet and hear from the great author Charles Dubow with other members of the community. Last summer I promoted the Book Bike with my co-workers at Oak Park's summer festival, A Day in Our Village, and became acquainted with more of our patrons. One of my favorite events was part of our Humanity 101 program, where transgender activist Buck Angel gave an extremely insightful and moving presentation. I am thrilled to be a mentor for this summer’s Entrepreneurship Academy, and am very much looking forward to meeting and collaborating with our younger patrons.

My favorite "hidden library gem": The library has an awesome collection. Oftentimes I find myself wandering the stacks. My favorite sections include the philosophy stacks (Dewey number 100!) and the folklore stacks (Dewey number 398!) up on the third floor of the Main Library, as well as the graphic novel stacks found on the second floor.

Something I love about Oak Park: Personally, the best thing about Oak Park is its unique blend of city and nature. All the sprawling trees, bushes, flowers, lawns, and unexpected open spaces to look up at the clouds or stars juxtaposed with the lights down Lake Street, the beautiful architecture of residential homes, and the old historical buildings make for a remarkable topography. I feel very lucky to be here!

What I’m reading, listening, and watching to now: I’m currently reading a deeply moving book of short stories by Alice Munro titled Too Much Happiness and also the visually striking comic book Hack/Slash: Omnibus Volume 1 by Tim Seeley. While I’m studying or relaxing, I like to listen to a mixture of ambient, electronic, and classical music, particularly the works of Max Richter, Ludovico Einaudi, Christopher O’Riley, and Eluvium, to name a few. I’m currently watching and enjoying The Walking Dead. I’m almost all caught up, and when I am I plan to revisit one of my favorite shows, David Lynch’s Twin Peaks, in preparation for its revival.

(May 23, 2016)

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