What I do at the library: Mostly I work at the front desk of the library, doing check-ins, checkouts, and whatever else I can to help. Behind the scenes I work on scheduling and billing. I also co-lead some storytimes and host the French Conversation Hour at the Maze Branch Library.

How I turn outward: I'm quite involved in my neighborhood and always tell my neighbors about services that they can find in the community and at the library. We still have biweekly potlucks in the summer, and we share a lot of information there about the goings-on in Oak Park and the surrounding area. Sometimes we'll even go to local events as a group like Oaktoberfest or one of the street fairs.
My favorite thing about Oak Park: My favorite thing about Oak Park is that it feels like a small community. I grew up in a small town, where anytime you went to the grocery store, movies, even out for a walk, you would see someone you know. Most places in and around Chicago are busy and crowded and you're surrounded by strangers, but in Oak Park, I get some of the small-town feel that I'm comfortable with. I see people I know just walking around or going out to eat. It's nice to see familiar faces around.
What I'm watching right now: Stitchers. Unfortunately, it's not in our library system because it's a new show, but it's awesome! It's a little similar to Dollhouse in a lot of ways, another show I greatly enjoy.
(July 31, 2015)

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