What I do at the library: One of the things I love about working at Oak Park Library is that I get to do so much! I've worked at all three branches, and I get to run events and programs. Just this past November, for the 150th anniversary of the first publication of Alice in Wonderland (one of my favorite books), I ran an event. I received so much help from so many coworkers! Ten of us got to portray characters from the book, play games, make crafts, and be part of a great tea party with a fabulous cake at Maze Branch. We had around 150 patrons show up! It was fantastic!

How I turn outward: The events and programs I'm part of are all about turning outward. Here's what I've got going: 

  • No-Shush Salon: A once-a-month open mic with featured readers and performers. We meet at Maze Branch on the last Thursday of the month at 6:30 pm.
  • Wednesday Writers' Word Feast: With Amy Hofmockel, we run a writers' group at the Main Library on the first Wednesday of the month from 10 am to 1 pm.
  • Book Bike: I just recently got involved in helping Sarah Yale and crew with the Paperback Rider! I'm also hoping to once again help create more opportunities for teens in the library with our High School Services Librarian, Rachael Bild.

My favorite "hidden library gem": All the events and programs! Please, check out our event calendar, talk to the staff, and just wander by the community spaces. There's so much going on! Still don't see the event or program you want? Suggest it!

Something I love about Oak Park: All the yummy places to eat! One of my favorites is Buzz Cafe.

What I’m reading now: In addition to a bunch of webcomics and online literary magazines, I rarely read one book at a time. Here's what I'm reading:

What I’m listening to now: Bad Lip Reading on YouTube! So funny!

What I’m watching now: Whatever catches my fancy on Netflix. It's great background noise while I'm writing and editing.

(April 29, 2016)

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