What I do at the library: I am the Multicultural Learning Librarian. I work with our Multicultural Collection to promote intercultural learning and empathy.

How I turn outward: This collection is all about looking outward, both globally and locally. While much of the collection is focused on international diversity, it's exciting to see community members coming in and finding objects that relate to their cultural identity across generations.

My favorite "hidden library gem": The Multicultural Collection! This collection features artifacts with really compelling and exciting stories that always spark my own curiosity and love of learning.

Something I love about Oak Park: I love that Oak Park is a place with such rich history that is fully alive in the present. I see a community that is deeply engaged in wanting to make the world a better place.

What I’m reading, listening to, and watching now: I am currently reading Go Tell It on the Mountain by James Baldwin. I have always loved his writing, but after watching the documentary I Am Not Your Negro, I am returning to his words with a whole new perspective. I also am on my fifth or sixth time through the Harry Potter series. I feel like, as soon as I finish book seven, I find some excuse to start back at book one.

(May 8, 2017)

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