Win FoxMeet Win Fox, Library Trustee

Why I wanted to be a library trustee: My husband and I moved to Oak Park from the Washington, DC, area in 2007 to be near our children and grandchildren, and instantly knew we were home. As a librarian, first at a large Washington law firm, I found my professional home when I started working in school settings. I especially enjoyed being involved with groups working on best practices for using computers and the Internet in schools and libraries. My desire to serve on the library board arose out of a desire to use my expertise to contribute to the village that gives so much to me and my family.

Something I love about Oak Park: Besides the library, I love going to West Cook YMCA, Oak Park Temple, Pete's Fresh Market, and the Buzz Cafe.

My favorite places in the library: I'm often found in the children's section with one or another of my grandchildren, or browsing the travel section, either at Maze Branch or the Main Library.

What I’m reading and listening to now: Although I definitely prefer my travel literature in book form, I'm currently a big fan of the library's audiobook collection.

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