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For elementary, middle and high school students. Covers the origins and rise of each civilization; the role of women; methods of warfare; daily life and customs; diet; housing; legal system; religion, and holidays.

For preschool and elementary school students. Offers narrated stories, provides leveled reading practice, and is a child’s first online encyclopedia!

Browse a collection of over 5000, mostly nonfiction, ebooks; transfer them to your mobile device or view them instantly with a web-based reader.

Provides access to thousands of fiction and non-fiction downloadable ebooks, with selections in nine languages.

Index to over 665,000 online electronic books cataloged by OCLC members. Not full-text.

 Index to journal articles. Not full-text.

Developed by the Newberry Library with the cooperation of the Chicago Historical Society, The Encyclopedia of Chicago is the definitive historical reference on metropolitan Chicago.

For researchers in the education field, an index to published and unpublished sources on education; includes some full-text documents.