Borrowing Materials

Using your library card

Keep your account number handy

  • To borrow materials and use library computers, you need to have your unique library account number on the back of your card.
  • If you have a smart phone or tablet, download our Cardstar app to store your library card in your phone.

Create a pin to use your online account

  • To log in to your library account and use our online tools, you need to create a PIN
  • You can change your pin in the SWAN catalog
    • If you have forgotten your pin, click Forget PIN
    • If you want to change your pin, log into your account and click Modify PIN
  • If you have any trouble, get help using the SWAN catalog, or contact us.

Renew and request materials

  • You can renew and request items in person, over the phone, or online in the SWAN catalog
  • You can renew items twice, as long as no one else is waiting for them
  • Call 708.383.8200 to renew over the phone

Request materials for pick up

  • When you set up your new library account, you can choose to be notified by phone or email when your requests are available.
  • Need help using the catalog? Many questions can be answered in our Catalog Help.
  • Do you want to change your home location or how you are notified? Contact us. We are happy to help!

Returning materials

When to return 

Oak Park Public Library materials

  • Books, audiobooks, magazines: 3 weeks
  • Ereaders: 3 weeks
  • CDs: 3 weeks
  • DVDs and Blu-Rays: 1 week
  • Video games: 1 week
  • Ebooks: 3 weeks, expire automatically and can be returned early

SWAN Materials

  • Due dates vary by item, and by library
  • Check your printed receipt or online account

Learn more about loan periods and fines for overdue items.

Where to return

  • You can return nearly all items (including DVDs and CDs) at any library location and curbside return
  • Ereaders (Nooks and 3M Readers) and some specially marked items should be returned to a staff person at a customer service desk. 
  • Not sure where to return your item? Contact us for help.