Please note: there will be no desktop computer access at Maze Branch February 27-March 4. 


  • Use public desktop computers at all locations:
    • Main Library Tech Center and Computer Classroom for everyone.
    • Main Library Children’s Services for children through grade 8 and their caregivers.
    • Dole Branch for everyone.
    • Maze Branch for everyone.
  • Most public computers offer Internet access and Microsoft Office including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher.
  • Dedicated stations are available for individuals with visual impairments, and for children with special needs.
  • Don’t have an Oak Park Public Library Card? Get a card, or use a computer pass (available on site.)


  • All library locations offer free wireless using the "opplair" network.
  • In partnership with the Park District of Oak Park, right outside Main Library, WiFi extends into Scoville Park using the "scovillepark" network.

Laptops and DVD players

  • Checkouts for on-site only use require an Oak Park Public Library card and less than $50 in fines.
  • Devices should never be left unattended, as cardholders are responsible for loss or damages.
  • At all locations, adults and teens (13+) can check out:
    • Laptops for up to two hours if no one is waiting.
    • DVD players for up to four hours if no one is waiting.
  • At all locations, children ages 8-13 can check out:
    • DVD players for up to four hours if no one is waiting.
  • At all locations, kids in grades 4-8 can check out:
    • Internet-connected Chromebooks for up to two hours if no one is waiting.
  • More about laptops:
    • Feature free WiFi Internet access and Microsoft Office Suite.
    • Enable you to save documents to a flash drive and use it to print directly from library copiers; black and white ($0.15 per page) or color printing ($0.25 per page) is available.
  • More about DVD players:
    • Come with headphones.
    • For adults & teens: offer 13.3-inch swivel screens and built-in USB and SD card readers to play music, movies, and view pictures.
    • For kids: offer 9-inch screens to play music, movies, and view pictures.


Copy machines are available at all three library locations. All of our copy machines make color copies, double-sided copies, and oversize copies (legal and tabloid sizes). 

Printing in the library

  • Black and white printing is available at all library locations.

Wireless printing from anywhere

  • Print a document or web page remotely, from wherever you are. Just choose where you want to pick up your document—either Main Library, Dole Branch, or Maze Branch—and upload your file. Print jobs must be picked up before the library closes for the day. Please note: Dole Branch is closed on Mondays, and Maze Branch is closed on Fridays. See all closings.

Print at Main Library      Print at Maze Branch      Print at Dole Branch


You can scan documents or photos using the copy machines at all three library locations. There is no charge for scanning. You will need to save your scanned file to a FAT32-formatted flash drive. We sell preformatted 4GB flash drives for $8 at all library locations. You can’t email a scanned file from the copy machine.


Local and long-distance faxing is available using the copy machine on the First floor of the Main Library. FedEx Office offers international faxing.


Copying and Printing

Black and white, regular size, 15¢ per side.
Black and white, oversize, 30¢ per side.
Color, 25¢ page per side.


No charge.


50¢ per page.