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Early Bird Readers is a digital early learning program to support parents, caregivers, and teachers. It is based on the Very Ready Reading Program used in all library storytime classes. Each week, a children’s librarian will text a tip or activity to share with babies, toddlers, and preschoolers, with additional activity videos sent monthly. All texts and videos will be made available on this page.

Get your child on the path to reading

There are seven simple ways to get children on the path to reading, and it’s never too early to start. Share books, songs, stories, words, rhymes, sounds, and play to give them the building blocks needed to learn how to read later.

By sharing one of these every day, you can build reading and words into your daily routines and conversations with babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. When children are used to hearing new words and know how stories are told, reading books won’t be so overwhelming when they start school. By using the words and stories all around us instead of flash cards, you will give your kids a better foundation to become readers when they are ready. Contact Shelley Harris or Jenny Jackson with any questions.

Early Bird Readers texts and videos

SHARE STORIES: Model the listening you want your kids to do by giving your full attention every day to their latest story or experience.

March 2017

SHARE RHYMES: Books in rhyme encourage kids to make predictions as they read, an important skill. Check one out!

March 2017

SHARE PLAY as often you can! It fosters creativity and imagination, bonds you, and gives your child confidence when they are in charge of the game.

March 2017

SHARE BOOKS: It doesn't matter if you finish the book! Read in lines, in the bath, at meals, on the couch, in bed, for as long as you can.

March 2017

Play with language and SHARE SOUNDS: find words that start with the first sound in their name, then the second, and so on. Were any tricky?

March 2017

SHARE WORDS: New experiences mean new words. Read animal signs at the zoo, or on signs or packages at the store. Read maps everywhere!

February 2017