A special space and learning resources that kids can use from anywhere, anytime

Reserve your student's space in the Homework Hub, a dedicated study room in Children's Services on the Main Library's first floor, in person at the Children’s Services desk with an Oak Park Public Library card.

This special space comes stocked with raised line paper; pencils with grips; tri-write pencils; a binder to be used as a slant writing board; workbooks for kindergarten through sixth grade; workbooks for preschoolers; whiteboards and markers; calculators and protractors; rulers, glue, and scissors. A dedicated computer is loaded with Boardmaker; Earobics; Lexia; Typing Instructor for Kids; Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome; and a switch adapter.

A library card also offers kids access to the subscription-based online resources listed on this page. All are designed to help make digital learning more interactive, more visual, and more fun.

Online Resources

African-American History Online Logo

Need a resource for Black History Month? This is an easy-to-use resource with biographies, coverage of major events, primary sources, and maps.

American Indian History

Looking for information about an American Indian tribe or working on a Native American Heritage Month project? This is an easy-to-use resource with biographies, coverage of major events, primary sources, and maps.

Biography Reference Center

A comprehensive collection of full-text biographies, as well as thousands of unique narrative biographies, this resource provides keyword searching, as well as browsing by key categories, including occupation, nationality, publication, and more than 30 genre categories, including actors, artists, authors, current world leaders, explorers, religious leaders and many more.


Read a children's book--or watch it!

CultureGrams logo

Start here to find out about people in other countries! Listen to the national anthem, look at pictures, and try recipes. Learn about each country’s history, customs, and government, and see what everyday life is like. 

World Book Early Peoples

For elementary, middle and high school students. Covers the origins and rise of each civilization; the role of women; methods of warfare; daily life and customs; diet; housing; legal system; religion, and holidays.

World Book Early World of Learning

For preschool and elementary school students. Offers narrated stories, provides leveled reading practice, and is a child’s first online encyclopedia!

Explora: An EBSCO Experience

For kids, contains more than 80 popular elementary school magazines. Articles are assigned a reading level indicator (Lexiles).  Also contains the American Heritage Children's Dictionary and thousands of photos, maps and flags.

Explora: An EBSCO Experience

For both middle school and high school students, contains full text for more than 150 popular magazines. All full-text articles are assigned a reading level indicator (Lexiles). Also contains biographies, photos, maps and flags.


Brings history to life! Featuring online videos and other media types, leveled texts, voice-over reading features, and soft assessments for students in grades 4-8. 

Funk and Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia

What fun--you can listen to entries being read with an American, a British or an Australian accent! And you can listen to the entry being read quickly or slowly!

World Book Inventions and Discoveries

For elementary, middle and high school students. Find out about objects and ideas that have changed how we live today from the steam engine to the toothbrush. Corresponds to science and social studies curriculums.

World Book Living Green

For middle and high school students. Allows students to explore environmental issues and current efforts to reduce human impact on the environment.

Mango Languages

Good for tourists or beginners, provides easy interactive tools to reach conversational proficiency in 72 languages, including English as a Second Language. A free app for iOS and Android is available.


A language program for children, Muzzy offers fun games, learning activities, and an unforgettable cast of characters.

NoveList K-8 Plus

Fiction and nonfiction book lists for children, award-winning titles, books by grade-level or Lexile score.


Featuring 12 main categoriess--from authors and athletes to presidents and scientists--PebbleGo Biographies includes both traditional biography subjects like George Washington and Harriet Tubman as well as less traditional biographies like Dr. Seuss, Louis Armstrong, and John Muir. Encompassing activities to teach students how to cite articles, create reports, and share what they’ve learned, PebbleGo Biographies is ideally suited for Pre-K through 3rd Grade researchers.

PowerKnowledge Science Suite

For elementary school kids looking for science information including Life, Physical and Earth Sciences--or science fair help and ideas!


Watch, read, and explore eBooks to hone literacy skills, build knowledge of subject-area content, and cultivate 21st Century skills through the inquiry process. Featuring online videos and other media types, leveled texts, voice-over reading features, and soft assessments for 3-5 graders.


An online collection of animated, talking picture books that teach young children the joys of reading in a format they'll love. Intended audience is K-5.

World Book Discover

For middle school and high school students, easy to read articles with a text-to-speech feature.

World Book for Kids

For both pre-school and elementary school students. Easy-to-read articles along with engaging images, illustrations, interactive games and activities.

World Book Info Finder

For elementary and middle school students: articles, learning resources, and research tools.

World Book Timelines offers hundreds of pre-generated timelines across eight broad topics, which cover various time periods in history or span the life of historical public figures. It also allows users to create their own timeline from scratch, adding events, descriptions, and media.