Summer Storytimes run through July 23. Fall Storytimes begin in September. Check the calendar now for all kids' events.

Beach Blankets and Books for children 2 to 6 years. There's something for everyone in this big and lively storytime, full of favorites. (Veterans Room, 2nd floor)

Busy Babies for children birth to 15 months with a caregiver. Short books are selected to keep baby's attention, and songs and rhymes are modeled to introduce pre-literacy skills. Babies will learn to associate books with fun and shared moments with their favorite adults. 

Family Open for children 2 to 6 years with caregiver support. Come read, play, sing and share fun storytime experiences in a relaxing environment. 

Friday Fun for children 2+ with a caregiver. Play-based fun! Something new every week. (Storytime Room)

Preschool Pals for 3 to 4 years. Caregivers are encouraged to attend. Children are learning how to participate in groups and engage independently, while listening to longer books ane more challenging concepts games. 

Rhyme Time for children birth to 24 months with a caregiver. Boost your baby's brain power in this lapsit filled with simple books, songs and rhymes modeled to introduce pre-literacy skills. Babies will learn to associate books with fun and shared moments with their favorite adults. (Storytime Room)

Sensory Storytime for children 3+ with special needs with caregiver support. Classes are structured with Boardmaker schedules and include fun picture books and songs, along with fine and gross motor movement activities. Special supports like lap weights and fidget toys are available to help kids be successful. Siblings are welcome. (Storytime Room)

Walking Wonders for children birth to 24 months with a caregiver. One year olds love to wander and listen while they explore, and caregivers help them participate while on the move. Short books are paired with songs and rhymes that are modeled to introduce pre-literacy skills. 


  • Storytime classes help children acquire pre-literacy skills in fun, age appropriate ways through the Very Ready Reading process. This research-based program lays the foundation for future reading skills by encouraging caregivers to Share Books, Stories, Songs, Rhymes, Play, Words and Writing. 
  • Because each class is specifically planned for age and development, your child will get the most out of attending the storytime designed for their specific age level. 
  • To offer the best learning experience, class sizes are limited. Class size varies based on age. Please arrive early as latecomers may not be admitted. At the Main Library, pick up your nametag at the service desk before storytime. 
  • An Oak Park Public Library card is not required to attend our storytimes in the summer.  
  • Please keep conversations and distractions to a minimum. Snacks, toys, and phones should be put away. 
  • Have fun, sing along, and check out some books to take back home!