Who can reserve? 

  • Groups requiring desktop computer access.
  • Any library cardholder age 18 years or older.
  • Available up to four months in advance for Oak Park Public Library cardholders.
  • Available up to one month in advance for all other library cardholders.
  • Read the Meeting Spaces policy >


  • Not-for-profit: Free for four hours.
  • For-profit: $150 for four hours.

About the space

  • On the third floor of the Main Library.
  • Fourteen desktop computers and one wheelchair-accessible computer station. Space cannot be reconfigured. 
  • Installed software:
    • Adobe Reader
    • Gimp 2
    • Microsoft Office Suite 2010 Suite
    • Microsoft Paint
    • Web browsers: Chrome, Mozilla, and Internet Explorer
  • Additional equipment:
    • Three wall-mounted whiteboards
    • One overhead projector
    • Six power wall outlets

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