These Payment and Use Procedures complement the Meeting Room Policy. Please be aware that when you sign your room request form or submit electronically you are doing so based on a full understanding and acceptance of both the Meeting Room Policy and Payment and Use Procedures.

All reservations are considered tentative until payment is received.

  1. Payment is due one week from the date your request is approved and becomes a reservation. You will receive only one notice concerning your payment due date, and that will be when your request is approved. The Library will not send a reminder notice. Payment for multiple dates approved on the same day must be made as one payment. If payment is not received your reservation will not be confirmed and the room will be made available to rent to another group. You may pay via credit card, check or cash, by phone, mail, in person or online.

    Phone: 708.452.3409 (Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express accepted by phone)

    Oak Park Public Library
    Attention: Meeting Rooms
    834 Lake Street, Oak Park, IL 60301

    In person: 
    Main Library Lobby service desk

    E-Pay accepts Mastercard, Discover and American Express

  2. Requests made less than one week in advance must be paid for at the time of approval. Last-minute requests made less than a week before the meeting may be considered on a case-by-case basis and are not guaranteed approval. Last-minute reservations may not be paid for on the day of your meeting.
  3. There will be no refund for any confirmed reservation that is cancelled by the renter less than fourteen days before the scheduled meeting or event.
  4. A signed application/request form acknowledging that you have read and understood fully the Meeting Room Policy and Payment and Use Procedures must be received in order to begin the reservation process. You may submit a completed application/request form via fax, mail, in person or online. Your request will not be considered until you sign that you have read and understood the full policy and procedures. Requests submitted electronically are considered signed and acknowledge your acceptance of the full policy and procedures.

    Fax: 708.697.6917

    Oak Park Public Library, 
    Attention: Meeting Rooms 
    834 Lake Street, Oak Park, IL 60301

    In person: 
    Main Library Lobby service desk

    Online: Check availability and request room

  5. If your request is approved the room will be considered reserved until payment is received. The status of your application will be communicated to you via the preferred method indicated on your application. You may not receive an immediate response so please plan accordingly. No deposit is necessary.
  6. Once payment is received your reservation will be confirmed and a unique confirmation number sent to you. Cardholders must present their library card or photo ID along with this confirmation number to the Service Desk on the day of their reservation before access to the meeting room will be granted.
  7. Reservations are taken for hours which the Library is open to the public. Opening and closing times are prompt, and no one will be allowed inside the building before or after the official open hours. All meeting rooms must be completely vacated no later than 9 pm Monday through Thursday, 6 pm Friday and Sunday, and 5:00 p.m. on Saturday. We suggest that groups schedule their meetings to begin 15-30 minutes after the Library opens, and plan to end the meeting 15-30 minutes before the Library closes.
  8. Meeting rooms may be reserved up to four months in advance. The Library reserves the right to set aside times in advance of four months for library sponsored programs. All groups are limited to two reservations per month.
  9. Parking at the Main Library is available in the Parking Garage located on the lower level. Rates apply to all attendees and/or speakers that use a library meeting room. Parking validation is not available.
  10. Groups should notify the Library of cancellations as soon as possible, but no less than 24 hours in advance. Repeated cancellations or unused reservations may result in denial of meeting room use.
  11. Room setup options and different kinds of equipment are available in each meeting room. The only setup options you can choose from are the standard options we offer. We cannot accommodate specialized setups. We can set up a table by the door for pamphlets, and we can set up a table by the windows for refreshments. All tables and chairs must be contained in the meeting rooms themselves; we cannot set up additional tables outside the meeting rooms. All room setup and equipment requests must be made at the time the reservation is requested. Any changes to a confirmed reservation (setup, equipment, attendees, etc.) must be made no less than one week before the meeting or event. Setup will not be changed the day of the meeting. Patrons must not move furniture or fixtures other than chairs.
  12. Library staff will provide minimal assistance with the Library's equipment. Patrons must be conversant with their own equipment, especially laptop computers. Library staff cannot assist groups with transporting materials into or out of the meeting rooms or building.
  13. All promotional materials must contain the statement "This meeting/program is not sponsored by the Oak Park Public Library." Any use of the Library's logo on promotional materials without the Library's written consent could result in the cancellation of your meeting. The Library posts a list of daily events/ meetings at the Main Library on announcement screens located by the elevators. Groups may also post flyers advertising meetings in designated areas at the Branches. Flyers posted anywhere in the Library except these designated areas will be removed. Groups may not use the Library's telephone number as their organization's contact point; you must provide an independent address, telephone number, and/or website that people can contact for more information.
  14. Non-alcoholic beverages and food may be brought into the meeting rooms. Groups may not use any heating sources, including hot plates, Sterno cans or open flames of any kind. The Library does not provide coffeepots. The catering area in the Veterans Room has a small refrigerator, ice machine, counter space, sink, and electrical outlets. The Small Meeting Room has counter space, a sink, and electrical outlets. There are no kitchen facilities available in the Book Discussion Room or either of the Branch Meeting Rooms. Meetings may be catered. The group must designate a member on site who will meet the food delivery person and guide them to the designated meeting room. Groups must clean up after themselves and remove all food, beverages, and paper goods that they brought with them. Library staff cannot assist caterers in any way.
  15. The Library does not provide any supplies. Groups must provide their own nametags, paper, writing utensils, eating utensils, cups, etc. Any equipment the Library does provide is noted on the equipment list for each room.
  16. Groups may not store anything in the Library.