Small Meeting RoomRates

  • Not-for-profits or book groups: $20 for four hours.
  • Renters: $40 for four hours.
  • Partners (find definitions): free.


Check room availability and request your reservation

  • Check availability without obligation on the calendar.
  • You will need to have or create a Spaces account, including email opt-in, to request a reservation. Be sure to include all of your organization's information.
  • Complete an application, understand our payment procedures, and submit. You may submit via online, mail, fax, or in person.
  • Your request cannot be considered until you submit electronically or sign your paper application acknowledging that you understand the full policy and payment procedures.

Request Your Reservation


Setup Options

Equipment (select when requesting room)

  • CD Player
  • DVD Player
Easel Whiteboard
  • Internet Access for Your Computer
  • LCD Projector and Screen
  • Mac Projector Adapter

Catering Area

  • Sink

Small Meeting Room catering area